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Friday Flyers #5

Morpho didius!


For this week’s edition of Friday Flyers, we decided to feature one of everybody’s favorites, Morpho didius. Morpho butterflies are a highly prized and avidly collected genus of butterflies native to South and Central America, with various species distributed from Argentina to Mexico. As a group, they range in color from brown and orange, to almost white, and especially a wide spectrum of iridescent blues. Morpho butterflies are medium to large size butterflies with Morpho didius being one of the largest with 6 to 7-inch wingspans encountered frequently. Morpho butterflies are dimorphic (two forms), which in the case of Morpho didius means that the males and females don’t look alike. Traditionally, females are much more difficult to obtain than males due to their preference for remaining high up in the rainforest canopy. Luckily for Morpho fans, didius is one of the few species of Morpho that is raised on butterfly farms. As a result, this spectacular butterfly can be widely seen in live-butterfly exhibits, and it is readily available to butterfly collectors, and for use in butterfly artwork.

Morpho didius is one of the “blue” Morphos. It’s the largest, and it has a deep rich slightly purplish-blue color that changes with your viewing angle. When in flight, they can be seen several hundred feet away, as the sun reflects off of their wings. Their flight is somewhat “bouncy” and it appears that every wing beat is almost like slow-motion. We have seen them in flight several times. Seeing them at rest is quite a different story. The undersides of their wings are dark brown with numerous “eye-spots” along the outside edge. When they are perched on a branch and their wings are closed, only the brown is visible. They are perfectly camouflaged to look like dead leaves. In fact, the iridescent blue color is created by an optical effect called diffraction. Actually, the pigmented scales that cover their wings like roof shingles are not even blue!!! The color is created by microscopic grooves on the scales that only allow the blue color to reflect off the wings. When most people see a Morpho for the first time, they can’t believe their beauty. In fact, the most typical question we get is, “Are those butterflies real?” That’s why they are truly Wonders Of Nature.

We have usually close to 10 species of Morpho butterflies in our Wonders Of Nature department, with Morpho didius being prominently featured. We have the single Morpho didius in our 7-Inch wood frame for only $75.00. We also have a larger 14-Morpho double-glass frame measuring 29 X 19 inches at $695.00. This displays a wonderful cross-section of the Morpho family with both sides being visible! Finally, we have numerous sterling silver pendants with genuine Morpho butterfly wings, starting at only $40.00!!! No collection is complete without one of these beautiful Morpho butterflies. If you haven’t seen one in person, be sure to stop in soon and visit our spectacular Wonders Of Nature department. See you soon.


A Morpho didius from our Wonders of Nature store

A collection of Morpho butterflies! This is a double-glass frame, so you can see the backs of the butterflies too. One of our most spectacular pieces, it is 29" x 19" and is priced at $695

The bottom camouflage surface of a Morpho butterfly

Our most unique jewelry line, these are sterling silver pendants with butterfly wing collages! They are reversible and range in price from just $35 to $85!


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