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We are the area’s exclusive dealer for many nationally advertised engagement ring and wedding band brands! The images show a cross-section of designs that we carry. Some designs exclusive to our store are not shown on the Internet. To see the entire collection, stop in anytime! To see pictures of some of the styles we carry in our store, click any of the name brand buttons below.


A company dating back over 100 years, A. Jaffe is an unmistakable leader in the bridal ring world, and we’ve proudly carried their engagement ring line for over 40 years. Every design has their “A. Jaffe” signature stamped into the bottom of the ring shank, along with a tiny trademark diamond. Another unmistakable hallmark of A. Jaffe is their squared off European ring bottom. We can customize many of their designs to suit your tastes, and we have a large number of A. Jaffe designs in stock that have been customized just for us!


From California, artist Chi Galatea is undoubtedly one of the most innovative jewelry designers we’ve ever seen! His engagement ring collection reflects his amazing artistic abilities and his passion and love of nature. The hallmark of the collection is his use of sculptural scrollwork on the profile sides of his pieces. In some cases, the designs are reminiscent of a floral theme; other pieces are more abstract. All Galatea designs are solidly constructed and beautifully designed. We are honored to have been chosen as the area’s exclusive representative for Galatea!


After over 35 years in the jewelry designing business, Eddie Sakamoto remains one of the most innovative and cutting-edge contemporary jewelry creators! Hallmarks of his line include very contemporary designs; heavy, solid construction; cast-in heads; and unique prong arrangements. He hand-carves each model in wax first, and then casts it in 14K or 18K gold, or in platinum. We have enthusiastically carried his line in our store since he began creating jewelry, and it is a true favorite of ours. We have the entire Sakamoto engagement ring collection in our store, and it always gets the same jaw-dropping reaction from contemporary ring lovers! There is no other fine jewelry designer in the world like Sakamoto!

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