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Since we opened our first Perlman store in 1960, we’ve always had a superior selection of loose diamonds. Our claim to fame is our patented 144-Facet® Diamond, the World’s Most Brilliant Diamond®. We cut this pattern in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it remains to this day the only diamond ever to be OPTICALLY tested and proven to be more brilliant than all other diamonds! Every other diamond on the market today is less brilliant than the 144-Facet® Diamond.

As a diamond cutter rather than just a diamond reseller, no one knows more about diamonds than D & M Perlman; no one has a larger selection of loose diamonds; and absolutely no one beats our pricing!

In addition to our exclusive 144-Facet Diamonds, we also carry standard 58 facet diamonds in all grades and sizes. And, we pride ourselves on having the largest selection of Colored Diamond Jewelry as well. Colors include blues, pinks, greens, yellows, chocolates, and a variety of other unique colors. All of our diamonds are graded accurately to the strictest possible standards. No size or grade ranges are given. When you look at a diamond at D & M Perlman, you will know the exact color and clarity grade, and exact size. We carry a large selection of GIA certified stones. And, because of our unique relationships with other cutters, we can get in virtually anything for you to see within just a day or two. So, if you have a certain request, no matter how specific, let Illinois’ largest and most respected fine jeweler help you find the perfect diamond!

In our store you will also find the area’s largest and most impressive assortment of unique, custom, and name brand mountings for your diamond. Please browse our website for more information, or feel free to stop in anytime!


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