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What makes a 144-Facet® Diamond better than all other diamonds?


The essence of the 144-Facet Diamond is that it is a much brighter, livelier diamond. This is true in all lighting conditions. Normal 58 facet diamonds can “lose” light, because a large amount of the light that enters a 58 facet diamond is lost out of the sides and bottom of the stone. The 144-Facet Diamond retains and redirects this light to emerge through the top of the diamond in a more concentrated zone.




Because of the unique patented facet pattern of the 144-Facet Diamond, the precise placement of the additional 86 facets effectively blocks the light from exiting the diamond at less favorable angles. Instead, the light is refocused upward, by internally bouncing off of these extra facets, which produces more visible brilliance. There is also an increase in scintillation (sparkle) due to greater light reflecting off of these extra facets, but the real key is the extra light that is bouncing around the diamond internally and ultimately emerges through the top of the diamond.

To help display this, Swarovski® created crystal models of both a 58 facet diamond and our patented 144-Facet Diamond. The bottoms of the stones were dipped in blue paint. Upon viewing, you see a blue ring around the edge of the 144-Facet Diamond, but this is not reflected in a normal 58 facet diamond.

This real-life test shows how the 144-Facet Diamond works. You see the blue ring in our 144-Facet Diamond because light enters the diamond, bounces off the bottom of the stone, picking up the blue color, and then the light is reflected back up to you. In the 58 facet diamond, that same light enters the diamond, but is lost through the bottom of the stone. It doesn’t bounce around and does not get reflected back as brilliance. And it doesn’t matter what grade the diamond is, because this is an optical effect. The 58 facet diamond is NOT CAPABLE of capturing this extra brilliance and refocusing it back to you.

The 144-Facet Diamond is the brightest diamond ever produced, and it is the only diamond ever to be optically tested for greater brilliance! It’s true – No tricks! No mirrors! Just brilliance!

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