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Remount Possibilities at D & M Perlman

Because we are a custom manufacturing jeweler and make all of our own pieces from scratch, the category of “Remounts” is endless at D & M Perlman! Virtually any design that you see in our store can be made or modified for you to remount your existing diamonds or colored stones into.

Rings are probably the most common types of remounts, especially if your stones are currently in a ring, or came out of a ring to begin with. Two main ring remount categories exist, depending on whether you are looking for a new mounting for your engagement ring, or want a non-bridal ring, sometimes called a “Right Hand Ring”. Single stones or a grouping of stones can be used.

If you’d like something different than a ring design, we’ve created many pendant, earring, and even bracelet remounts! Often times these are more wearable than a ring, and we can offer you a wide array of options in all budgets.

Click on one of the category pictures below to see some of the options.

If you are looking to remount your engagement ring diamond into a new engagement ring style, click here to browse some of our engagement ring mountings! Anniversary rings and Three-Stone rings can also be found here. If you want to remount your diamonds or colored stones into a non-engagement ring, like a fashion ring or right-hand ring, click here to browse some of our diamond fashion ring designs! And remember, any ring you see in our jewelry category can be modified to hold your stones! All of our jewelry designs can be used for remounting your stones! Click on the above picture to see some of our mounting designs. You may also want to take a look at our Facebook Jewelry page, as we often post pictures of our newest designs and custom creations there!

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