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Do you need to update your jewelry appraisals to ensure adequate insurance coverage?

With soaring metals prices and market appreciation, you need to be sure you have ample coverage in the event of loss or damage. And if you are looking to dispose of your jewelry, an updated value appraisal is critical. D & M Perlman is the preferred local jewelry appraiser for many insurance companies, and we’ve been expertly appraising fine jewelry for nearly 60 years!

We provide complementary insurance appraisals for all of the jewelry that we sell at the time of purchase, and we do appraisal work for outside pieces fast, accurately, and very affordably. And rest assured, there is no safer jeweler to come to for having your precious items appraised. Your jewelry never leaves our vault, and most appraisals are completed in just a few days. Prices are based solely on the complexity of the work involved and nature of the appraisal, and are never based on piece values. And if a piece is likely to be covered under most homeowners policies, we’ll let you know and we won’t charge you.

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