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Most pearl and bead strands need periodic restringing to ensure tightness of the strand and removal of any gaps between the pearls. Or perhaps you’ve accidentally broken your strand and need it restrung? We do this right in our store! It takes only a few days, and we offer a variety of options and services including matching missing pearls, furnishing a variety of clasp styles, multi-strand stringing, necklace and bracelet designing, and many more options too. We can even make a bracelet or earrings out of a longer necklace if you like! Pearls and beads are thoroughly cleaned, and our pricing cannot be beaten!

We also offer our special Add-A-Pearl program! Purchase a starter pearl necklace, and we’ll add pearls for you any time you like. Guaranteed in-stock and perfectly matched for superior color, size, roundness, and luster, our pearls are of the highest quality and are very affordably priced. Whether you’re looking to complete the necklace at sixteen or eighteen inches, or any length you like, you can rest assured that we will always have the exact perfectly matched pearls that you need. The D & M Perlman Add-A-Pearl Program – a wonderful way to create an exquisite strand of exceptional pearls for your loved one, affordably, over time!


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