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There’s nothing more important than trusting the person you let work on your precious jewelry items. You wouldn’t take your sick child to an unknown or unreliable doctor, so why take your sick jewelry to a generic jewelry repair shop?

D & M Perlman is a jeweler! – We’re not just a store that sells jewelry; we actually are a jewelry designer and manufacturer, and have been proudly serving the greater Chicagoland area for nearly 60 years. Our highly skilled jewelers are masters at wax carving and custom design, stone setting, decorative engraving, jewelry restoration and modification, and all types of jewelry repair. And because we are a jewelry manufacturer, we have capabilities far beyond those of typical jewelry repair shops. And most importantly – all repairs are done in our own shop!

We work on all karat purities of gold, as well as platinum and silver. Quality work and superior pricing have been our hallmark for three generations, and we pride ourselves on completing most jobs in under two weeks time. We perform all levels and types of repair, from simple soldering to complete jewelry rebuilding. Some of the repairs we perform include diamond and stone setting, ring sizing, polishing and refinishing, Rhodium plating, head replacement, stone matching and replacement, restoration of worn prongs, re-shanks, re-engraving, channel rebuilding, chain shortening, clasp replacement, and so much more!

We take great pride in our repair department, and we’re happy to provide fast and free estimates to all walk-ins! No appointment needed!

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