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Friday Flyers #1

Sunset Moth!


Friday Flyers – a new feature of our Facebook page! Every Friday we’ll be featuring a framed insect from our Wonders of Nature store! Today’s flyer is what most people consider to be the world’s most beautiful moth – the Sunset Moth! Sunset moths are confined to the coastal regions of the island nation of Madagascar, east of Mozambique, Africa. The Sunset Moth flies during the day time, and not at night like most moths. There are only a few other closely related species. One of them, the Green Page Moth, lives throughout South America and occasionally strays into southern Texas. It is also a day-flier, and can be found sipping water and salts from puddles in large numbers during particularly hot days.

The top surface of the Sunset Moth is primarily black and green, with some orange and purple, while the underside has orange, pink, and green iridescent colors! The iridescence is caused by the physical structure of each wing scale, rather than by the actual pigmentation of the scale. The scale’s structure acts like a prism, bending light into an amazing vivid rainbow! The caterpillars are quite beautiful as well, and change colors with each new molting. Habitat destruction and pollution have severely hurt the numbers of this amazing species, but luckily, because it is so beautiful, it is farmed in large numbers for artwork, and is sure to be around for generations to come. It is a large moth, with a wingspan ranging from 4 to 5 inches across. The males and females are identical.

We have these amazing moths in wooden frames for just $75! We also have sterling silver reversible pendants ranging from $39.50 to $87.50. The one shown is only $57.50! Your purchase of these amazing wonders of nature helps to preserve their habitat and promote continued farming of this most beautiful species! Please look at the pictures in our Friday Flyers album to see more images of the Sunset Moth! Feel free to post a comment if you like, or ask a question. We love talking about these beauties! And be sure to “like” us to see a new Friday Flyer every week, and “share” our post to help spread the beauty of the Wonders of Nature!


The top side and bottom side of the Sunset Moth

The caterpillar of the Sunset Moth!

A female Sunset Moth laying eggs!

Basking in the sunlight

A framed Sunset Moth and a reversible Sunset Moth pendant from our store. The frame is just $75 and the pendant is only $57.50!


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