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Our Wonders of Nature room is probably the most unique section of our store! This impressive area is devoted to showing off the amazing natural art wonders of our world. D & M Perlman’s exclusive Wonders of Nature room consists of an enormous array of tropical butterflies and beautiful exotic insects from around the world, artistically matted and framed, and priced starting at under $50. And our framed bats and tarantulas will stop you in your tracks! They make great conversation pieces, and exquisite wall decorations!

Also in our Wonders of Nature room, you’ll find a world-class collection of spectacular natural sculptures – museum-quality gems, crystals, and breathtaking rock formations from over two-dozen countries, and a beyond-belief assortment of rare and impressive fossils and petrified wood! You’ll be amazed at how beautiful these natural wonders are, and they’re sure to make terrific additions to the home or an unforgettable gift.

The natural beauty and amazing shapes will impress and astound you – and a MUST SEE for the kids! With great home decor and novelty pieces, D & M Perlman is the only store in all of Chicagoland to feature these natural exotic art creations!


Click here to see pictures of some of the amazing treasures we have for sale in our Wonders of Nature department!

Every Friday David Perlman writes a short article about a particular insect species or group of insects that we have represented for sale in our store. The articles include interesting facts, personal anecdotes, and a variety of pictures. Click here to visit our Wonders of Nature Facebook page and read David’s “Friday Flyers” articles!

Click here to access David's "Friday Flyers" archive!


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