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We are very proud of our Service and Repair Department, where quality work and superior pricing have been our hallmark for three generations! Most jewelers provide very limited services and often need to send out your precious jewelry to unknown repair contractors. At D & M Perlman, we provide a full range of services right here in our own in-house repair shop! From the simplest ring sizing or chain repair, to the most complex custom jewelry restyling, we conscientiously and expertly perform your repair work to the highest possible standards, on a timely basis, and at very reasonable prices.

We offer a wide range of services, including jewelry repair and watch repair; engraving; jewelry appraising; pearl and bead stringing; ring sizing; redesigning and remounts; estate, gold, and diamond buying; and much, much more. We offer CAD designing, laser welding and engraving, wax model making, micro-pave diamond setting, diamond cutting and colored stone polishing and re-faceting, and we even do our own silver, gold, and platinum casting! We’re also happy to provide several services FREE of charge, including jewelry inspecting, steam and sonic cleaning, estate value determinations, insurance replacement estimates, and repair/alteration estimates. D & M Perlman is the oldest and most trusted name in working on your precious jewelry items!

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