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If there’s one thing we know more about than any other jeweler, it’s diamonds! Loose diamonds are the largest part of our business, but at D & M Perlman, it goes far beyond just being GIA trained or having a large selection of diamonds at great prices. We own our own diamond cutting company! And in the factory, we cut our patented 144-Facet Diamond – the World’s Most Brilliant Diamond®! Everyone else just has ordinary diamonds, with far less than our 144-Facets.

Diamonds can have any number of facets, but the exact placement of these facets, and the exact angles and proportions of each individual diamond are what give it its brilliant sparkle. The better the cut, the brighter the diamond, plain and simple! Unlike typical cutters who cut a diamond to maximize its weight, with our diamonds, we specialize in cutting a diamond to maximize its brilliance and beauty. Our patented 144-Facet diamonds are the only diamonds ever to be optically tested and proven to be more brilliant than standard 58 facet diamonds! It’s true! Our 144-Facet diamonds have been independently documented by the Zeiss Optical Laboratory to produce 32% more brilliance than the 58 facet diamonds that other stores carry. Our 144-Facet Diamonds outshine all others!

Being a cutter also means that our loose diamond inventory is larger than everyone else’s, and our prices cannot be matched by jewelers that are merely diamond resellers or so-called “wholesalers”. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade an exiting diamond, or are a first-time diamond shopper; whether your budget is one hundred dollars or one-hundred thousand dollars, if you are looking for a superior diamond, stop in today for an honest and informative presentation from a non-commissioned diamond expert. We’ll compare stones side-by-side, explain the different factors that affect beauty and price, and help you chose the perfect diamond. At D & M Perlman, you can buy in confidence from the area’s most respected local family jeweler, with a 50+ year history. Come to us and experience the superiority!

For more information and history of the 144-Facet® Diamond, click here. To learn more about our other diamonds, click here.

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